Gun violence has taken the lives of so many innocent people. The government, policymakers, and politicians talk about solutions, but very little has been done. What is it going to take for the leaders of this country to do something about the continued gun violence? Last year, there were over 700 gun related deaths in the city of Chicago. The gun violence is getting worse, because the decision makers are not implementing solutions that focus on the problem.

It takes a team effort, everyone must get involved; if you see something, say something. Most citizens try to remain silent and ignore the issue, but gun violence is wide spread. No-one is safe from gun violence. Gun violence has claimed the lives of children, elderly individuals, and women.

The questions remain: when are we going to address the core issues of gun violence? who is going to protect our children? Who is going to protect the innocent citizens?

We cannot keep tolerating gun violence; everyone must act now with urgency!